I was wasted
in the afternoon,
exhaling the remnants
of a half-smoked butt,
left swirling into
the heat,
wavering lazily
off the empty
tarmac driveway
running up the length
of my

I wasn’t exactly thrilled
when she came
out back
and started bitching
about the
being broken again.
That rusted pile
of shit
barely ever fucking
and I knew we should have stuck
with the American brands,
but she was insistent
that the Japanese
probably knew how to build
most things
better than we did,
which was ridiculous.

Every man knew
that America was
the greatest country
in the world,
but I also knew better
than to challenge her
when she had her mind
made up
about something.
At the very least,
that particular argument
would have resulted
in a forced abstinence
that lasted several weeks,
and I needed to get laid,
it was my god-damned right
for putting up with
twenty seven years
of unending marriage
and two
ungrateful children.

The fact that I once
loved this woman
first baffled
then amused me
with an indifference
I could only prescribe
to the gentle way
leaves maneuvered
around a buffeting wind.

I let her mouth get tired
and her anger slowly simmer
to a low boil,
relying on the alcohol
in my bloodstream
as a buffer.
When she finally ceased,
I nodded in feigned agreement,
stood up,
grabbed my shit
and walked away
with the practiced ease
and eerie agility
of a man
with old habits.

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Image Credit:Ben Seidelman
Kevin James is a young professional and part-time writer hailing from the state of Connecticut, where he spends his free time studying physics and astronomy.

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