some shine
as lips
kissed by wine

or water
catching fire
at coming night

each memory
has a different scent

one smells
of morning sheets
soft hair
and thighs
while from the shadows
that the patient trees
comes music
on a thyme-filled breeze

are tanged
with acrid smoke
in their smoulder
seared flesh
and charcoaled hair

the dust of bones
falls ever as
a thirsting rain

clouded vulture dark
and howls
with wailings
of the greedy winds
and death

is sleeping
in the other bed

each memory
is stolen

each in its way
a kiss

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Milner Place took to writing poems in English in his late fifties and has since had 10 poetry books published. The latest is a selection from all his books, The man who had forgotten the names of trees, Moloko Print, by the editor Ralf Friel, with artwork from the noted artist Harald Haeuser. This volume also includes an essay on his work by the late Todd Moore. He has worked for BBC radio and television as a writer.

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