Acknowledgement of Limitation on Unrestricted Interpretation


I undertake not to use this poem for any purpose associated with the promotion of nuclear, chemical, biological, spiritual, sexual or conventional warfare, nor to use any insight gained either directly or indirectly as a consequence of reading this poem to further any political, economic, social, environmental, medical, technological, legal or personal ends which would be detrimental to humanity as a whole or to any sub-section based on sexual preference or practice, belief in aliens, leaders of western democracy or divine beings, skin, eye, tooth, denture or shoe colour, age, intelligence, pomposity, humour, appreciation of irony, or capacity to love, or to any individual no matter how self-opinionated, immoral, power-hungry, self-serving, corrupt, unethical, prejudiced, untruthful, unreliable, cynical and undeserving I think they or the people who elected them, may be.

I acknowledge that this poem contains no meaning whatsoever other than that which follows from the Penguin English Dictionary meaning of the individual words used and that which may be deduced from their sequencing by following the normal rules of English grammar as understood by the national examination class of any English inner city comprehensive school with an attendance record of at least 75%, always providing that any American readers who do not speak Penguin may substitute an American English Dictionery instead in this Acknowledgement of Limitation on Unrestricted Interpretation clause. Any additional meaning I extract is purely coincidental or has been created entirely within my own imagination and depends for its validity on personal circumstances that would have been unknown to the author, and I hereby acknowledge and accept the author’s advance apology should any of these unintended meanings cause me or other reader distress and also acknowledge and accept the author’s denial of all liability for actions taken as a consequence of reading this poem and extracting an unintended meaning from it.

This disclaimer and its associated poem have been posted in a forum where nuts are present and, notwithstanding the aforementioned acknowledgements and waivers, it is possible that the disclaimer or poem or both may be contaminated by a kernel of truth, traces of which may have become sublimated within the word combinations used. The author denies all responsibility for any apparent truth howsoever it has become incorporated.

I undertake to respect the author’s purposes in sharing this poem and shall not add, remove or imply any purpose either during or after reading it that might affect the context and hence the meaning of the words. I respect the author’s assertion that this poem is intended as a work of literary art only therefore shall not volunteer views about content but shall restrict my comments to those about structure, form, rhyme scheme, rhythm, style, grammar, spelling, word choice, syllabic pattern, consonantal repetition, devices such as metaphor, analogy, alliteration and enjambment, features such as allusion, images, object references, colour, texture, flow, pace, tone, voice, intelligibility, use of space, character, mood, sentiment, sensibility, setting, word plays, puns, humour, readability, recitability, likeability, credibility, whether it is a good or bad example of the genre, if any, it purports to represent, what syntactical thumb-prints it bears, what place it occupies in any schema or canon, its separation of substance and appearance, its sublimation of essence and its disguise and, if provided with the benefit of early drafts, conclusions about the associations and influences, whether mythic, literary or personal, that shaped the choices made in re-drafting along with any inference about the nature and character of the creative impulse giving rise to the poem, whether this be valued nugget, demon or angst, whether it is cherished for its fruitfulness or cursed for its steadfastness, and whether the expression is a periodic harvesting of that impulse, an atonement for temporary departure from it, or partial or complete exorcism of it.

Furthermore I acknowledge that reading the poem which follows this Acknowledgement of Limitation on Unrestricted Interpretation clause implies that I have accepted the terms set out herein and that I have not surrendered full competence to understand this fact to any partner, spouse, pastor, carer court, attorney, gaoler, psychiatrist, Fox News presenter, commentator, teacher, editor, or other representative empowered by me or themselves to act on my behalf either before or after my death.


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Cameron McClure is a retired chartered surveyor who was born and lives in the North of Ireland.

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