In this cultural conundrum
In this precise galactic moment
With 7 billion
Humans breathing on earth
Most homo sapiens are starving
Or are poisoned by corporate plenty
(Greed) Fresh water dripped once
The cost of water = fuck you
Medicines don’t reach curable illnesses
We slaughter seeds of being with bombs
& savage political brutality
We pulse as we kiss
The blessed daylight of
Overcast Amerika
This highway freedom & this growing prison
This indoctrination & this artistic expression
The sky is all eyes & ears
& NSA conspiracy involvement
An extension of oxygenated
Air from the 13th century fucks the clouds
Where raindrop-sized drones
Flood & betray eternity with
Electrified war – life
Our urgent souls are not holy
Is a sensory explanation of
Alone with oblong molecules
Alone with evaporating microbes
Alone with a version of civilization
Then not


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Image Credit:b k
Ron Androla has published more than 40 books of poetry. He lives in Erie, Pennsylvania.


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