Bravo, condemnation, or fries
with afternoon burgers on a
blue day. The reactions,
agreements, hell’s fires where
brains burn because low culture
paints the flames. I am really
vulnerable & intrinsically lurid. I want
my come leaping like phosphorescent
glandular kangaroos smelling
of sweet gasoline & pennsylvania
farmland over my mind, my fence.
With windows down wings appear.
Lift like kite mammals. Fraternal,
feminist, violent politics, poetry, drips,
I accept the tenses of the world.
In the closet & for all my life
I was just a normal guy. Coming
out as an odd, awake poet wets me.
Swimming with large word wings
captured in a net cinched by freedom.
By riveted Caribbean caricatures. Upon
birth from bloody seaweed waters,
nude. Flap invincible magic. Exist.
Write strong, bend some adverb muscle,
I repeat, write strong. Astonish a monk.
Join the poet parade.
It’s storming outside. Not rain,
masturbating kangaroos.


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