Around the corner from my house
Live the ceiling people,
People stuck
To the ceiling of their home.
Some stuck by the buttocks,
Others by an arm or leg.

My friend says the ceiling people
Come down at night,
Run past their front window,
Down to the basement,
Then up to the attic.
But my friend emphasizes
The ceiling people always return
To the ceiling by morning.

My father says
The ceiling people
Are just ceiling people
All the time.


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Image Credit:Judit Klein
R. Evan Pitts' poems have appeared in publications such as Clock Radio, Comet Halley, Electrum, Expresso Tilt, Impetus, Open 24 Hours, Piddiddle, Poetry Motel, Random Weirdness, Seems, Ten Million Flies Can't Be Wrong, and Wormwood Review.

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