It’s not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win, that matters.
Bear Bryant

It may be the only thing
you and Bear
could ever have in common:
you both prepare.

You’re busy doing it now.
You’re pulling in
a tendril or a rootlet,
careful, quiet.

But what’s the prize?
What do you sense
when you gaze out beyond
this faltering us?

I know it’s really
none of my business,
but how can I not wonder
what the mob

of ants is doing,
swarming in and out
the entrance hole of the nest,

Do you not feel
a future feast?
But when I ask, you laugh it off,
say I imagine it.

I’ll suppose
the groundwork finished
one night when I find a letter
near the sink,

but it’ll mention
past frustrations,
not the new joy you’ll unzip,
being 100% ready!

You’ll step right into it,
I’m very sure!
I will have been a flagstone
on your path,

but I will never know
its destination
any more than you do now,
while you prepare.


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