Purlins prompt inclusion
beyond the shutters,
past tricycles and laundry,
clapboard and snow.

Refuge stretches to the eaves,
an apron’s wings,

spanning the compass
with a fortunate door.
North, cued by south,
an indiscriminate stile

beside the pickets
of accented hues
regaling in azaleas,
dogwood and rose.

Names collect in
the drifts of voices
piling against the road.


Image from Internet Archive Book Images

Larry Jordan’s work has appeared frequently on PoetryCircle as well as in Comstock Review, Pirene’s Fountain, Red Savina Review, Straight Forward, Miller’s Pond, Antiphon, and others. He also had a poem nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Larry passed away in September 2016. He lived and wrote in South Carolina.

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