Geometry of shocks and seat combine
to test the doughtiest of men by
slamming sternums into steering wheels
regardless of a seatbelt’s best intent.
There is no stopping on a dime.
The algebra of speed and weight defeats
the calculus of foot on brake when some ten
tons of slurry, water, sand, cement,
disturbs the equilibrium of rolling drums.
Fishtail at best, or roll and test
the physics of truck steel and flesh.
It’s just concrete, another job unnoticed
until done.


Cement Truck: Wim Delvoye

Image: Rachel

Jim Aitken was a veteran of Vietnam, colo-rectal cancer, three wives, two divorces, two MAs. Jim was a screenwriter and editor of Poetry Circle. He lived with his son, Joe, in Colorado, and died in 2016.

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