can and bag
were blowing
down the same street
at the same time
when the wind died
they came to rest
close to each other
remaining that way
for several days
soon the wind
arose again
and they
took to the road
heading in the
same direction again
at one point the can
rested but the bag blew on
the sound of the bag’s crackling
could be heard as it put distance
between itself and the can
soon the can (by hinds)
began to roll again
at a quick pace
the can rolled to the edge of a field
and noticed the bag
caught on a low-hanging limb
of an old oak
at this point
the wind picked up
the can suddenly took a leap
and was launched upward
the can caught the bag
or the bag caught the can
it’s hard to confirm
but tangled together
they both fell to the ground
their combined weight
prevented their further travel
they remained tangled together
sheltering each other
from weather
until a collector of refuse
speared them both
and sent them
to be recycled


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In my sixth decade of observing the world. I grew up a while back but am slowly reverting to a happier frame of mind known as a second childhood.

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