all who are hungry, come and eat
all who are needy, come

buy something extra special
for that special someone
custom made just for you

if only that were so, my
heart is true yet trifles come, still
unwedded flock, gathered and stuffed

custom made suffer more than most, that
someone became you, extra special me
swift as able hand-crafted, He cries

today of all days, come, come inside
even when you feel no one is watching
you have a covenant and struck out






Dax is no no-name freeloader, even if this does mean freelance on an express train. No doubt he would flex his muscles and treat everyone to a kiss. Being in Witness Protection, he has nothing to lose and seldom suffers from memory remorse, a commonplace complaint among gitano, which may impact notions of fame and fortune outsiders may have up their sleeve. Dax is an orphan and a frequent-flyer, so go ahead—dig your own hole—it’s allowed.

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