in the hospital they taught me to sleep
and eat healthy and think
the right way

make a spiritual timeline
be grateful
understand the importance
of regular exercise
and taking medications as prescribed

they helped me to improve
interpersonal effectiveness
and always be mindful

always mindful

we even listened to

for one mindfulness activity
they had us blow bubbles
for two minutes i struggled with this one particularly
because i had once been
a proud man

strong and tall
and was here
blowing bubbles with a bunch of
we were to let the bubbles carry off our
to fill them with whatever came to mind
and let them float away

each would wobble as it broke free of
the little plastic wand and hung for a
moment before starting the
slow rolling descent

weighted by thought of my kids
career and home
leaving everything behind

tumbling south

some made it to the floor
they all popped



  1. “blowing bubbles with a bunch of fruitcakes”–oh my, so funny to one who’s been there–the dark humor of desperate situations!! And when those bubbles pop do they release all those dark thoughts to return to you, like homing pigeons?

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