I slipped
fresh from press to bundle,
squeezed through an ATM slot
into the hands of a 13 year old
with his Mother’s card. Then got
folded up in a pocket
when swiftly exchanged
with a game store geek
for a second hand game.
Later on up the street
behind the Co-op store
in the fist of a hot pot seller
I was swapped for a score.
Deal dealt rolled and tubed
in the slow droop of night
I felt the rush of cheap coke
in a bedsit’s half-light.
Then passed to a pimp
in exchange for a hit
and later for chocolate
when the munchies bit.
Next day made my way
to a Stop-n-Shop till
where I was given in change
to a cop from the Bill
running so late for
a lunchtime meet
with a dodgy judge whose
shiny shoes hid shifty feet,
slipped for a favour,
a slight overlook
doing cowboy ‘justice’
for a might-be crook.
On his way back home
Judge parked his Benz
by a small toy store
to make amends
with his 13 year old boy
who had few friends
and spent his time
shut up in his room
with Grand Theft Auto,
Call of Duty,
Age of Doom.


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