Tell Them This

Tell them to pack a small flashlight;
the tunnel is longer than expected, very dark, and
the light at the end, a pinprick.

Tell them to play croquet in the rain
and sing too loud at piano bars
and drink. Tell them this.

Tell the bartender down at Jack’s you want
smoking privileges restored. Tell the stars,
Time to go! Bring the wide sun back.

Tell the black and white cat stay near our happy garden.
Tell the broken frogs I have saved their clay legs
for making whole again. And remember, there is
no drainage hole in the gold pot; tell them this.

Fetch white zinfandels, uncork the bottles
and pour, pour, pour. Tell them
there is always more. Tell friends,

family, as you will, unguarded,
wearing your best orange shoes:
I was here. Tell them this.