Valentine 2017


Since 7 months Rita and I were living in the same apartment but merely as occupants sharing  the same roof. Our 4-year marriage was on...

My friend, Fernando

“Why is my wine always at the end?” said my friend, Fernando. “Because you drink too much,” I said. “I don’t drink too much at one...

Second day in the studio

Under the roomy château, there are two large basements .. one is used for general...

Blog Post One

The writing weather forecast? As the sun sets at Liwonde National Park, the would-be poachers...

Blog Post One

Tonight, we have only one weapon, but it is the greatest weapon ever fashioned.

Random pieces


The Fog

I had an experience once, riding in a Buick and winding up in San Francisco. It was 1962 and I hardly recall what we...

Grab Bag

P U Ti N


Second day in the studio

Blog Post One

Blog Post One

Blog Post One