Find Me Alive at Sunrise

I left while the sun was setting and came back before the dark anchored in for the night, before the neighbourhood came out to devour...


I went out before light, left you naked at the door. I left you aching. I ached, too. I went into the softness of...

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Chlorophobe-in-Chief I detest green— wear dark-tinted shades to alter trees and grass to nickel lead. I am amazed...

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        A small New York apartment living room. “NASA has announced,” he says,...

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  Stage 1 larva, bipinnaria shaped like guitar picks. Stage 2, brachiolaria, big-whiskered slugs. Stage 3...

Doing the Work: An Interview with John Yamrus

“No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money,” said the prolific 18th Century writer Samuel Johnson, according to his contemporaneous biographer, James...

Grab Bag

The Losers


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The Commodity of Speech

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hurry it up, Desdemona

song for amanda