Valentine 2017


I went out before light, left you naked at the door. I left you aching. I ached, too. I went into the softness of...

Find Me Alive at Sunrise

I left while the sun was setting and came back before the dark anchored in for the night, before the neighbourhood came out to devour...

Second day in the studio

Under the roomy château, there are two large basements .. one is used for general...

Blog Post One

The writing weather forecast? As the sun sets at Liwonde National Park, the would-be poachers...

Blog Post One

Tonight, we have only one weapon, but it is the greatest weapon ever fashioned.

My Vagenda

Loose change

Shapes and Signals

Doing the Work: An Interview with John Yamrus

“No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money,” said the prolific 18th Century writer Samuel Johnson, according to his contemporaneous biographer, James...

Grab Bag


Second day in the studio

Blog Post One

Blog Post One

Blog Post One