After the Blizzard, a Morning Calm

Yesterday’s white fury has whirled away
leaving a vast continent of cold.
A crystal surface glitters with the sun’s
first morning rays.
Nothing moves.
Stunned into silence is our world.
The backyard birds have sheltered
in the sagging branches of the evergreens.
Now, one bold blackbird hops onto a wire,
looks to see the bird feeder tipped,
empty, and encased in ice.
I must go out and spread some seed and crumbs.
The sun seems stronger and I hear
the sound of trucks chugging on the highway.
We have survived this round of nature’s
violence and, for this moment, all is well.

Marian Veverka is enjoying her retirement by watching nature, reading, and writing poetry.  Recently, a chapbook of her poems was published by Finishing Line Press.