last night I was licking my boyfriend’s cock
& the nsa knocked on the door

“what are you doing?” they said

“I’m licking my boyfriend’s cock,”
I said

“it’s big and tasty. do u want

they disappeared

afterwards I got on the computer
& googled “how to deep throat”
& an nsa dude popped up
on my screen

“why do you want to know that?”
said the nsa dude

“because I like to be the best,” I said
“now fuck off”

in the middle of the night I woke up
smoked some pot
& went to the bathroom
someone from the nsa was in the toilet
& pushed his tongue up into my asshole

I enjoyed pissing
in his mouth

“why do u like that?” I said

“I’m with the nsa,” he said
“& I ask the questions”


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