…the butter is as soft as the papaya
needs to be for the purposes of this house:

to keep fed, hearts—fed & warmed, minds
to be up to the day, which just needs

a little electricity & four hands,
maybe a little coffee to juice the cells

& to keep the sweep of too little time
at bay. Or maybe it’s always just enough

time to peel the fruit & to get working,
but how to leave behind so many books

so many paintings, so many ancient
coins—the fruits & currency of the minds

that have surely been created & curated
here. May night-time always be as soft

as you need it be; may the birds & bugs
never swing too close to the windows

& sing their songs just in reach & just
as this one is sung—with the lyre in mind

& an Amen.

for Christiane & Miguel

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